Morris Grassfed produces 100% pasture-raised beef, grown on the California central coast.


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Welcome to the ranch

Morris Grassfed produces 100% pasture-raised beef, grown on the California central coast. Our USDA dry-aged beef is cut & wrapped by artisan butchers. We look forward to filling your freezer with nutritious, delicious local beef.

Supply Chain Transparency: Our cattle are born, raised & finished on certified organic pastures.

Supply Chain of Morris Grassfed Beef

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Amazing Quality

Please accept our heartfelt thanks to the entire team of people that brought this year’s harvest to our freezer this summer. As first time customers we are amazed at the amazing quality of the meat and grateful to support a sustainable, responsible business. Thank you so much for all that you do! We are in it for the long haul.”

Elizabeth Mullins, Monterey

What Sustainable Living Means

I have been a customer for over four years from the day I tried the ground beef at my friend’s house. The meat vacuum sealed in small, easy-to-store portions and lasts for a long time. You can visit the farm and see for yourself what sustainable living means. I wish more places were like that.

Olga Ortmann

Great Customer Support

Morris Grassfed Beef has been a wonderful addition to our lives and menus. The taste is the best. The fact that hormones are not added is just wonderful, and knowing where it comes from has been a great experience for us. They have always kept up with whatever it was that we needed. Thanks so much for all the great customer support.

P. K. O’Meagher

One of San Benito County’s ‘Jewels’

One of San Benito County’s ‘jewels’ is Morris Grassfed Beef, located in beautiful San Juan Bautista. A good traditional family-run business producing a great healthy product.

Jane Merrill

Healthy and Tastes Fantastic!

We appreciate your land conservation efforts, humane animal husbandry,and encouragement of educated food consumerism. The beef you produce is healthy and tastes fantastic! We will be increasing the size of our order next year!

Dana Wilhoit Hardy

Meat is Delicious

I think your meat is delicious…we had the ribeye steaks last night for four of us and it was a big hit. I was very happy with the way the butcher had trimmed the meat with just enough fat for flavor and absolutely great taste, texture and smell. I will definitely recommend your meat to my friends.

Matt Ahangi, Menlo Park

Benefits to the Community

When you purchase locally raised grassfed beef, you are doing more than nourishing your body and the land. Thriving family farms and ranches are the backbone of many rural communities, providing jobs and business opportunities for the whole community.

Climate Change & Ranching

Supporting land management practices that produce healthy rangelands is one way we can address the issue of climate change.

Consulting Services

T.O. Cattle Company has been managing rangelands and direct marketing grassfed beef since 1991. We are excited to share our knowledge and help others learn from our successes … and mistakes.

Meet The Team

Morris Grassfed is family owned and operated

Joe Morris


Julie Morris


Isaac Moreno


Jack Morris

Ranch hand

Sarah Morris

Ranch hand

  • $ 10.99/ lb
  • Approx. 90 lbs.

    Delivered in two, 45 lb. boxes

    Includes Cut & Wrap.


  • $ 10.49/ lb
  • Approx. 320 lbs.

    Delivered in eight 45 lb. boxes

    Includes Cut & Wrap


  • $ 12.49/lb
  • 25 lbs. Delivered to your Door


    Includes Cuts & Wrap

Ranch Stays!

Come and stay on the ranch at our eco-friendly glamping site: Rancho Tranquillo! The solar-powered tent features an open layout, a kitchenette, outdoor shower, an old-fashioned private outhouse, a covered front porch, and a fire pit. Unwind with a glass of wine, enjoying expansive views of the valley below. Accessible only by private road, this immersive spot is exclusive, unique and seemingly a world away. Fall asleep under a goose down comforter and crisp, white 100% cotton sheets, with cozy wool blankets for extra warmth. Private and rustic, this is glamping at its best! Seasonal: April - Oct. “We love the golden hills, oak trees, starry nights and morning bird chirps at Rancho Tranquillo!”
– Julie & Joe, your host


Easy to prepare, nutritious and delicious. Check out our favorite recipes.
How it works

Like all fresh, real food Morris Grassfed Beef is a seasonal product. We harvest our animals on a seasonal basis, when the grass is still green and the animals have “finished” from May through August.

We start taking orders every February and cut-off orders in May so we can properly plan supplies and work with our butchers to reserve coveted processing dates. Unlike industrial meat, Morris Grassfed is processed by small-scale, artisan butchers who have to schedule staff and equipment needs. It’s kind of like making a reservation at The French Laundry, you have to reserve your spot months ahead of time. Deliveries begin in June and normally go through September or until we sell out.

What's included?

We offer a split-half (quarter cow) which ranges between 85-90 lbs. and includes a variety of roasts, steaks and ground beef.  You can also order a half, half PLUS (more steaks)  or whole (approx. 360 lbs.) portion. All portions are cut and packaged from a single-animal, so there’s no mixing with cattle from other ranches.  Special cutting instructions are possible for orders of a half or larger. All cuts are individually wrapped and labeled with cut name and weight, making it super easy to split between  family and friends.

Our Dry-Aged Subscription Pack includes four seasonal, 25 lb. boxes delivered throughout the year: June, Sept., Dec. and March. The Subscription Pack is similar to our old CSA-Style and is perfect for those customers with limited freezer space.

We also offer a variety of organ meats, bones and extra ground beef, packed in one pound portions.

Getting your beef

Your portion is reserved as soon as we receive your order confirmation. We’ll follow-up with an e-mail detailing our delivery schedule. At that time, we’ll ask for a $250 deposit (per split-half) to confirm your order. Smaller orders will be charged a 50% deposit, according to total amount due. All beef is delivered frozen and can be preserved safely for a year or more in your freezer. Meat is packed tightly in cardboard boxes and stays colder that way. There is no need to bring a cooler on the day of delivery, however, we do suggest heading straight home to get it in the freezer.

We have a number of drop-off locations throughout the SF Bay Area and central coast. See our order form for exact locations. When you place your order, you pick the location and we will notify you with an exact date and time as soon as our delivery schedule is finalized. We will also send you a reminder/ confirmation e-mail the week prior to your delivery. For locations beyond our truck routes, we offer FREE SHIPPING via Fed Ex Ground (1-2 days). Please refer to our order page for shipping zones.

How to order?

Orders are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. Because of the complicated logistics and planning involved in raising, cutting, wrapping & delivering your beef, we ask that customers pay a deposit to defray some up front costs and confirm pick-up on the scheduled day and time. Your deposit will be credited to your balance due upon pick-up. The final price is based on the final weight of the meat


Morris Grassfed produces 100% pasture-raised beef, grown on the California central coast.