Morris Grassfed produces 100% pasture-raised beef, grown on the California central coast.

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*NEW!* Regenetarian Variety Box

$325.00 /ea (2020 pricing, subject to change)
Fuel your body *and* the soil with our Regenetarian Variety Box!
100% Morris Grassfed and Finished Beef

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What’s a Regenetarian? In farming and ranching, “regenerative” refers to practices that put nutrients back into the soil, rather than depleting it with synthetic fertilizers and chemicals. A regenetarian is a person who eats food that regenerates the planet, while nourishing themselves and their family. (Just wait: this will be Merriam Webster’s “Word of the Year” one day soon!) Our Regenetarian Variety Box is filled with nutrient-dense 100% Morris Grassfed beef.

Of course, all of our meat is regenerative, but this box is a great introduction for new customers or those who just want to order less. You’ll receive approximately seven lbs. of steaks (New York, Rib-Eye or Top Sirloin, pictured) seven lbs. of mouth-watering roasts, seven lbs. of our famous ground beef and four lbs. of other cuts such as stew meat, carne asada or short ribs. All dry-aged. All antibiotic and added-hormone free. And all delicious. Weights and cuts may vary slightly, according to season and availability. Please note: Deliveries begin in June. Price per pound includes cut, wrap and delivery.


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