Morris Grassfed produces 100% pasture-raised beef, grown on the California central coast.

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Amazing Quality

Please accept our heartfelt thanks to the entire team of people that brought this year’s harvest to our freezer this summer. As first time customers we are amazed at the amazing quality of the meat and grateful to support a sustainable, responsible business. Thank you so much for all that you do! We are in it for the long haul.”

Elizabeth Mullins, Monterey

What Sustainable Living Means

I have been a customer for over four years from the day I tried the ground beef at my friend’s house. The meat vacuum sealed in small, easy-to-store portions and lasts for a long time. You can visit the farm and see for yourself what sustainable living means. I wish more places were like that.

Olga Ortmann

Great Customer Support

Morris Grassfed Beef has been a wonderful addition to our lives and menus. The taste is the best. The fact that hormones are not added is just wonderful, and knowing where it comes from has been a great experience for us. They have always kept up with whatever it was that we needed. Thanks so much for all the great customer support.

P. K. O’Meagher